november 2013

04.11. häxan cloak + the devil & the universe, arena
04.11. the holydrug couple, le_mol, rhiz (reich & föhn)
06.11. automelodi + feater, transformer (nightshift)
07.11. the dictaphone, celeste (totally wired)
09.11. death by delirium,  fluc (vanity vague)
13.11. vom grill, company fuck, asuna, rhiz (struma + iodine)
13.11. cheap time, mark sultan, fluc (reich & föhn + fullacoke)
20.11. jacuzzi boys, flex cafe (reich & föhn)
21.11. crystal soda cream, the who the what the yeah, fluc wanne
23.11. vex ruffin + bruch + good cop, fluc (eternal laser)
27.11. dot dash, das bach (totally wired)
27.11. molly nilsson + sally dige, b72 (minouche music)
29.11. trashrockarchives 001 release, transformer + rhiz (accordia schallplatten-club)


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