juli 2014

04.07. furor exótica, celeste (everybody’s darling)
10.07. i/ii, rhiz (salon skug extended)
12.07. police des moeurs, valter horvat, fluc (vanity vague)
12.07. neud, rhiz (zellophan)
13.07. the pharmacy, fluc
14.07. celeste, reka, verderber, dasbach (generation noir)
17.07. bad weed, celeste (fettkakao summer bummer)
20.07. bird skull & steffi neuhuber, mo.e
23.07. deer in the headlights, lentic waters, old soul, urwut, dasbach (fluff warm up)
25.07. bulbul, radian, villalog, elektro guzzi, brut (popfest)
26.07. umrijeti za strojem, museumsquartier hof 6
26.07. ana threat, jimmy and the car cassettes, popfest (karlsplatz)


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