april 2015

01.04. snøffeltøffs, tommy moonshine, venster99 (your girlfriends)
01.04. dead western, rhiz
02.04. crystal soda cream, dot dash, rhiz (totally wired)
02.04. pop:sch, me and jane doe, fluc
03.04. margaret unknown, william bilwa costa, reka kutas reh, canned fit, mo.e
03.04. ninos consentidos festival 2, brick-5
04.04. treehouses, lingua nada, small hours, michael zimmel, dasbach
05.04. virginia wing, swim, rhiz (dendritic shows)
06.04. the cry!, the sino hearts, dasbach
08.04. postman, the midnight specials, rhiz (rother krebs plattenpräsentation)
09.04. bird people, kompostfauteuil, celeste keller (feathered coyote)
09.04. vague, dust covered carpet, fluc
11.04. dubais, rhiz (nil desperandum)
13.04. flash bang band, melt downer, cousin, rhiz (siluh)
14.04. bruch, gran, rhiz
14.04. death by delirium, brainmanagerz, phal:angst, fluc (hype)
16.04. gangla, club u (kybernetik 2. ordnung)
17.04. pisse, sad neutrino bitches, venster99 (eternal laser)
18.04. clemens denk, wealth, the holy spirit of nothing, rhiz (pavlov’s dogs)
24.04. chick quest, beach girls and the monster, the maybe men, dasbach
24.04. donaufestival 2015, krems


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