februar 2016

03.02. hanté, rhiz (gravité)
03.02. the residents, arena
04.02. yung, ryley walker, frank love, rhiz (reich & föhn)
06.02. pop:sch, me & jane doe, mika vember, fools of potential, fluc
07.02. any other, sluff, rhiz
08.02. night beats, singapore sling, odd couple, arena
09.02. rabit, grelle forelle (struma + iodine)
11.02. the friendly guitar trio, fluc
12.02. powernerd, pascale project, playing savage, fluc (seayou)
12.02. spechtl plays sleep, rhiz
13.02. two pigs under one umbrella, wuk (female* troubles)
15.02. woes, lifesick, stillborn, indoctrinate, venster99 (hc4losers)
16.02. rhiz, (reich & föhn)
17.02. pilot jr., snoww crystal, lake neon, fluc
18.02. dhellemmes, reardon, celeste keller (feathered coyote)
19.02. rosa nebel, fluc (transformer)
19.02. chra, phal:angst, rhiz
20.02. neon lies, au (ab-stieg)
21.02. dino spiluttini, jay glass dubs, missing organs, mo.e
26.02. goldsoundz, voodoo jürgens, nachtasyl


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